Pre-Wedding Shoot in Andaman

Pre-Wedding Shoot In Andaman - Fineportraitphotography

The memories begin to come back as you begin an excursion with your ideal partner. But, you can create something unique and impressive by having a pre-wedding shoot in Andaman-Nicobar. What could be better than the white landscape and blue water backdrop! On the possibility that you're organizing a spectacular pre-wedding photoshoot, you should plan it on the stunning islands of the ANDAMAN-NICOBAR.


The islands of the ANDAMAN-NICOBAR are a stunning piece of crystal clear water and the stunning oceanside beauty and the stunning views make an ideal place for a breathtaking photograph. The stunning water, sand, and views together create an amazing backdrop that no one will be able to compete with.

This remarkable island is part of the seven domains of association in India that is a collection of islands situated at the crossroads between the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea. An island is a perfect place for couples to stay and a unique first-night destination. Many of the newly married couples and other couples have previously visited, after that, getting hitched for sharing experiences and the love to create the perfect connection.

The Andaman-Nicobar Island is essentially an archipelago. That is why it is comprised of a number of tiny islands that form an entire chain or group. The capital of the island is Port BLAIR that is home to a variety of amazing island tours and is the main section that highlights Andaman-Nicobar's islands. Andaman-Nicobar is also referred to in the form of the Daddy Island as it drills down to the numerous islands on the island.

To reach this stunning part of India and experience the magic there, the most simple available option for travel is by the air (Chennai, Kolkata, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bhubaneswar, and Visakhapatnam) or the ocean (right away from Chennai, Kolkata, or Vishakhapatnam). It will take about two hours by air travel and 3-4 days via the ocean.